Another Weakness of Mine

I love drive-ins. That’s it. I just do. Seems to evoke some warm fuzzy feelings from my childhood but I don’t know why. Anyway I digress…Dependable Drive-in is the name of the 8th greatest wonder of the world. Open all year round, 7 days a week except winter when it is still open for Fri., Sat. & Sun! Cheaper than any other drive-in I’ve ever known AND it has 4, count em, 4 screens!! I am in like majorly with this place.


They have the old style window speakers (or you can tune in on your radio). I chose the speaker tonight & it was a blast from the past alrighty.


Zoby went with me of course and watched from the dashboard.


He’s munching on part of my footlong hot dog there. He really enjoyed it (even though zebras are herbivores) once I explained it was no one he knew. Any negatives on this outing would only be that it is 1 1/2 hours from my home. Good thing I love driving!


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