Painting Upholstery!

The project I mentioned last winter was finally completed! My daughter & son-in-law came to visit & while here, we tackled that project which was, to refurbished two rather unique old chairs I had. Instead of my original plan to reupholster them, I found a website that showed how to paint upholstery! We both put 2″ firm foam in the seats before we started as both seats were quite concave. We removed the underside fabric to install the foam (cut to the size of the seat) and nailed the fabric back over it. THEN we worked with common latex enamel paint mixed with a fabric medium. We misted the chairs fabric with water before painting. My daughter chose a light green paint & I chose a medium green. We put on a second coat within an hour. If the chair is a little stiff or has some rough edges from the paint, use a very fine grade of sandpaper (120) to soften it. Both turned out rather well considering the condition they were in.
One of the two original chairs.


Both chairs after the first coat.

Both chairs after the second coat. Nice!

This was a lot of fun & took barely two hours. Down the road we may reupholster our chairs anyway, but for now it’ll do fine & we learned something new!


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