Chicken, Ummmmmm

Just felt like writing about my dinner. I think I am addicted to garlic butter wings and fries. I could eat them almost everyday (need to take a break occasionally for bacon). The batch above takes about 20 minutes to make and is guaranteed to clog an artery. Just think, no more leaky arteries!


Christmas Treat


I got to visit my kids for Christmas this year & my daughter surprised me with a Baked Alaska dessert (my first!) Unfortunately
I didn’t think to get a picture before we cut it but you can see the yumminess of it still.


Here is a sliced piece where you can get a glimpse of the chocolate brownie, cookie dough ice cream layer & a ton of meringue. It was great (and I think I spelled meringue wrong). It was still “delish” and I am sure, decadently caloric and quite worthy of a couple extra pounds!


Wanted to share a yummy recipe a friend gave me. It’s meatballs (either homemade or store bought) cooked in a sauce made of grape jelly and chili sauce!  It really is excellent. You take a jar of grape jelly, mix it with a bottle of chili sauce, mild or hot, and cook them together until well mixed. Generic doesn’t matter. Cook your meatballs however you normally would then mix them in a crockpot or saucepan with the mix and simmer for a half hour and that’s it. Nice and easy, yum!