Miss Martha’s Art

While browsing in Goody’s Boutique (see Goodwill Store) last December with my hubby, we came across a box of little black children figurines. My husband fell in love with them and asked if we could buy them. After realizing he was serious, I said I would buy them for him as a Christmas gift.

Figurines from Miss Martha's Collectibles.

Figurines from Miss Martha’s Collectibles.

The first picture is a boy named Bean and a little girl named Rachel (of which I got 2 so I call them twins).

Miss Martha's Collectibles

Miss Martha’s Collectibles

The second picture is a little girl named Kezia who is powdering her “baby”.

Miss Martha's Collectibles

Miss Martha’s Collectibles

The last pic is a little girl named Bonnie with her doggie, a little girl named Prissy with her doll and blankie and an older girl named Selina Jane with a candle and Bible.
Although I am not an expert with the camera (as in cropping and getting clearer shots) yet I think the charm of these children comes through and after almost a year finally figured out how to download them.


Touch of The Past

Went for a relaxing walk at the nature reserve at work & found this beautiful old block house from 1780. It was a place of protection from Indian attacks.


Front of house


Back of house. I thought it was really neat.

My Kind of Winter

In review of this past January, I completely approved of the weather. Little to no snow suits me just fine. This was one of the many gorgeous sunrises for this January.


Reminds me of winter when I was a kid in Calif.

Autumn in PA

I usually take scenic pictures of the hills because the multicolored trees are so pretty. This time I focused on separate trees. I took these pictures this past month. Wow, Fall in Pennsylvania almost makes this state worth living in. It’s gorgeous. God is still the greatest artist I know!

Epitomy of Cute

I had to put this pic in a blog as it was so cute that I thought it would help those who are confused about things that are “cute”.  This little guy was found by my steps and I put my keys near to show his actual size. Isn’t he sweet?  Now that is what I call cute!